Mindset is Your Greatest Asset

Do you have the required mindset and energy to seize the opportunities that this rapidly changing world has to offer?

It could be argued that Mindset is your greatest asset. Your physical well being, relationships and wealth are all directly related to your mindset. 

I hear some voices ask “but isn’t our mindset determined by how fit and healthy we feel, the depth of love and caring in our relationships, and the view from our balcony?” Well, I suggest not.

I suggest that mindset leads, not follows…that mindset creates the energy and drive that delivers the tangible results.

Now let’s hold that thought, and discuss business in Western Australia.

My observation as a business mentor/coach is that there is a lot of fatigue currently present in the business community. Why so? 

We had a resources boom, that many economists agree, we won’t see again in our lifetime. This boom lasted 10+ years and developed a modus operandi for many businesses, if not all, of ‘running hard’ to meet demand. We were naturally drawn into a mindset of ‘just keep running hard as we don’t know when it is going to end’. We were motivated by clients demanding delivery, and the mindset that we don’t want to disappoint our clients and miss the opportunity of making good returns while we can.

The ‘run hard’ mindset was totally understandable, but a consequence was that the business culture became centered around meeting delivery dates; and quality, efficiency and innovation took on secondary importance.

Then came the downturn. I suggest that the mindset of business owners and managers then worked through different phases – such as surprise, denial, rationalisation, and then finally, acceptance came…acceptance that the economy was not going to bounce back to the previous levels any time soon.

The current business mindset could be characterised as ‘cost sensitive’. Clients want low price above all. This change in client demands has required adjustment to ‘business priorities’, and this has taken more energy from us all.

So the journey has been long and tiring, hence the fatigue that I frequently observe, and sense, that exists in the business community.

So what next? Well I suggest that the economic cycle is now shifting and the ‘tide is starting to rise’. I don’t suggest, that we have a resources boom ahead of us like the last one, but a more gradual steady rise occurring. But let’s look beyond that economic rise to another factor that is going to impact businesses – a technological disruptive phase. Futurists are claiming that we are going to see more change in the next 20 years, then we have seen in possibly the past 200 years. We are moving from a linear world to an exponential one.

Is this scary, or does this accelerating rate of change provide positive opportunities? I suggest that this depends upon your mindset…and my favourite mantra of all is “with change comes opportunity.”

So, maybe it is time to check in on your energy level and your mindset. Ask yourself the questions:

1.    Do I have the mindset that sees the future as presenting great opportunities?

2.    Do I have the positive energy necessary to drive innovative change in my business?

I hope that you answer yes to both, but if not, then now is the time to start developing the appropriate mindset and investing in your energy level…because as a leader of your business, it needs you to do so, maybe now more than ever?

By Glenn Taylor


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