Change Agents

Change Agents are Needed for a Better Future ...

What organisations and businesses need NOW – for a Better Future -are Change Agents. A Change Agent is someone that embraces change and drives innovation.

Before the pandemic, too many leaders, just ordered people to do work, didn’t seek out other perspectives, and displayed zero empathy.

Experts say organisations|businesses must do a better job of developing their leaders. Unfortunately, the pandemic may have focused too many organisations|businesses exclusively on short-term problems. “If organisations and businesses lagged in training and development before the pandemic, they are behind even more so now,” says Wayne Baker, a management professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.

Changing the way people think and the way things get done is no easy task. Keeping an organisation|business on track while making the necessary changes takes a delicate balance.

Change Agents are always looking for better solutions and ways to improve products, systems, and businesses. They aren’t afraid to challenge conventional wisdom.

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Glenn Taylor – Engine Room’s Facilitator | Coach is an expert in Change Management.


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