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High Performers | High Potentials

High Performers are functional or technical experts in a defined area or function. They have a proven track record of superior performance year after year. The following characteristics are common:

• Are passionate about what they do

• Love their role in the business and the contributions they make

• Likely possess a depth of business knowledge

• Are viewed as trusted resources within the business

• Are widely recognised outside the business for their knowledge and expertise

• Tend to be excellent at mentoring and developing people

• Frequently do not aspire to broader management roles

A Change Agent may be a High Performer …

High Potentials are people with some specific characteristics. Sure, they perform their jobs exceedingly well. They are competent. They are dependable and reliable. They are motivated. They willingly volunteer to undertake new tasks and projects. They go the extra mile. However, more importantly, they are agile learners –they like experimenting, trying new things. They are highly curious. Research suggests the following characteristics are common among high potential employees:

• Easily learn new tasks and functions•Enjoy and deal well with ambiguity and complexity

• Don’t accept the status quo•Are impatient

• Like to try new things, different approaches

• Tend to push the envelope

• Are willing to take the heat when things fail

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