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Leader, know thyself

Leader, know thyself

The secret to motivating others lies in understanding yourself.

Leaders with good Emotional Self-Awareness can use positive leadership styles that motivate and inspire everyone on the team.

Engine Room has found, when studying leaders with multiple strengths in Emotional Self-Awareness, that they are far more likely to have staff with high energy and high performance – operating in teams prepared to maximise every opportunity.

The 10-step roadmap to becoming emotionally self-aware:
1. Connect with your emotions, understand what drives them
2. Sense how others see you, learn how you impact on them
3. Align your self-image with a larger reality
4. Be objective about your strengths and limitations
5. Foster a realistic sense of self-confidence
6. Be clear on your values
7. Connect with your sense of purpose
8. Set a course of action. Be decisive
9. Be candid and authentic
10. Speak with conviction

Emotional Self-Awareness isn’t something that you achieve once and then forget about. You must make a determined choice to check in with your feelings as often as possible.


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