Are you spotting and developing your future leaders - early enough.

How good are you at spotting talent in others, and then supporting their development? We love finding talented ‘up and coming’ managers and supporting/nurturing their growth.  

When coaching business owners, the ‘assignment’ nearly always involves coaching them, to develop their leadership team.

Quality of leadership largely determines whether a business rises, falls, or remains stagnant. But leaders do not magically descend from some higher realm — they are cultivated over time through experience, training, and perseverance. Indeed, nearly every business contains its share of potential leaders, and it is the responsibility of current leaders to identify and foster future leadership or else risk leaving a major hole in the business upon leaving. 

When seeking the future leaders of your business, a good place to start is by looking at results. Consider who in your business consistently goes above and beyond expectations. Employees that are highly results-driven prove their enthusiasm and skill, and team members that come up with new, innovative ideas drive the business’s efforts into new territories. Pay close attention to these people in your business who keep the business moving forward with passion, as they already exhibit strong leadership qualities.

Pay attention to those with specific leadership skills, such as strong communication, team-building aptitude, a desire to grow and learn, creativity, etc. Even if they’re not your top performers in terms of your bottom line, they might be perfect fits for various leadership roles in the future, helping those top performers reach new heights.

For any change program, we work through the following four questions: Why?, What? How?, and When?


It has been our experience that the development of the leadership team is the most powerful way in which to unleash the ‘latent potential’ of a business – the development of a high performing ‘leadership team’ will take the business past the ‘glass ceiling’ that is keeping the business ‘stuck’ at the current level.


This involves a combination of three elements: Training, Coaching, Project.


Training – training courses to ‘feed’ the mind with nutritional ‘brain food’

Coaching – regular coaching sessions to reflect, explore, plan and encourage

Project – a business improvement project to provide a sense of purpose/focus for the positive energy that flows from the training and coaching


Start now – why delay unleashing the potential of your future leaders?

So are you spotting and developing your future leaders … including investing in your own self development?

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