Are you a leader that wants to create a more positive workplace culture?

Are you a leader that wants to create a more positive workplace culture? Of course, you are! What true leader wouldn’t?! Our experience is that many leaders suffering a poor culture are quite passive and quiet. Are you one of these?  

In the ‘void of communication’ people at best, make up their own ‘stuff’, and at worst, it gets filled with negative information – misrepresentation, negative, divisive information from cynical, negative staff.

Creative and strategic internal communications will only grow more prominent as social issues and external forces like those experienced during COVID increase the need for connection between employees and leadership. Employees are counting on business for purpose and safety, and leaders need to communicate that they care about them if they want to deliver results.

It’s about telling compelling stories across text, video, and social media that both inform and engage employees at a time when they can’t gather together.

So we suggest that you ‘dial up’ your own communication – fill the void with lots of positive, constructive communication – vision, values, praise, recognition, rewards, celebrations, happy birthdays etc… then when you think that you are overdoing it, think again.  

You should probably double-up! Take big steps, don’t hold back…push the ‘edge of the envelope’ – experiment! We suggest that you will be impressed with what you can achieve if you get right out of your comfort zone and ‘go hard’ and communicate positively and constructively day in, day out.


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