Coaching Matrix

Do you have someone in your team that is not responding to your coaching? Where would you place them on my Coaching Matrix? I have been coaching for over 25 years, and love coaching people in the “Committed” quadrant, as they have: – an ability and willingness for self-reflection + an ability and willingness for changing their behaviours. Energy flows both ways, and it is a very satisfying experience.

If they have the self-reflection and don’t change behaviours, then they are in the “Constrained” quadrant, having realisations for improvement but incapable or unwilling to change their behaviours to form new habits. 

If they are capable of changing behaviours, but only when instructed, then they are in the “Compliant” quadrant. They make the changes that you recommend. This is commendable, but there is no self-generated reflective thought. 

If they are without reflective thought, and aren’t changing behaviours, then they are in the “Comfortable” quadrant. They are stuck, static and not realistically open to coaching to improve their performance. It is a very dissatisfying experience when coaching team members in this quadrant.

So in which quadrant is each of your team members positioned? 

If you want a great team with positive energy, then you need people who are Committed. By Glenn Taylor