Asking Great Questions

Great questions, provide several fantastic benefits. 

In formulating a great question, you will need to slow your pace of conversation, and think more deeply about the issue/problem.

In asking great questions, you show care (they matter), respect (their views matter), and humility (you don’t have all of the answers).

They also place you in the listening mode – which enables you the ‘space’ to think of the next great question.  

Great questions also supports the person to move towards self-realisation – as you cannot truly teach a person something, they must learn it for themselves.

You are also helping the person to reflect, and think more deeply to solve their own issues – this assists them to develop their problem solving skills, grow their confidence, and become more effective in resolving future issues/problems.  

“I can catch you a fish and feed you for a day, or I can teach you to fish, to enable you to feed yourself for life.”

So as a leader and/or parent, asking great questions is key to ‘growing’ staff and children to be more competent and confident for all future challenges.

Yes, asking great questions provides many fantastic benefits, and is therefore a skill that we should continually practice – not just in business, but in all aspects of life.


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