Change is GOOD!

A famous quote from the former CEO of GE – “change before you have to” keeps echoing in my mind. There are so many changes that are confronting us – technological disruptions, climate change, social changes, globalisation, just to name a few… 

I’m seriously concerned for many businesses, due to their unwillingness or inability, to look forward and start making the changes to be relevant in the future.

Yes, change is uncomfortable, but with vision, good planning and inspirational leadership, your business can move forward with positive energy and enthusiasm.

But it all starts with the realisation that change is not an option, it is a given. So do you sit and hope for something magical to happen, or do you initiate the change program, that will provide hope and inspiration for the staff, for the future?

But wait, before you spring into action, change management needs to be done mindfully. Change must be driven at the appropriate rate. Too fast, and you will receive resistance from staff, or knowledge won’t be absorbed, or run out of cash (as you focus too much on changing and not enough on current operations). Too slow, and it will be met with cynicism “it ain’t important” and old habits will prevail.

So the rate of change is key – for mindsets and results to be in sync. By Glenn Taylor


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