Mindset During Challenging Times

Are you a business owner with the required mindset for the rapidly changing times we are living in? Are you visionary, creative, collaborative, determined, and adaptive?

Visionary – have a vision of a future that is bigger, better, brighter than today?

Creative – have a future product or service you are developing that provides a desired point of difference in the marketplace?

Collaborative – willing to collaborate – with staff, industry colleagues, government agencies etc – whomever can provide an outcome that is truly win:win?

Determined – to succeed regardless of the ‘head winds’ that arise?

Adaptive – able to see and adapt to the opportunities that are ahead of you in this rapidly changing world?

Do you have the above mindset?

Are you a business owner and looking to take on a business partner, or step back and allow the senior managers more authority? Do they have the above mindset?

Remember – if they aren’t a founder of the business – they didn’t start at ‘ground zero’ and have missed the ‘apprenticeship’ stage – so select carefully and then invest in bridging the ‘gaps’.


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