Innovative Leadership

Are you innovative? Where would you place yourself on Engine Room Innovation Leadership matrix? I have been coaching for over 25 years, and love coaching leaders in the “Deliberate” quadrant, as they have:

– an ability and willingness for thinking of innovative ideas

– an ability and willingness for implementing innovative ideas

If you have the ideas and don’t take action, then you are in the “Dreamer” quadrant, having innovative ideas and dreaming that one day you will implement the idea (when you aren’t so busy, or when you get more cash, or…)

If you are action orientated, but only with your contemporary business model, then you are in the “Determined” quadrant. You diligently work on the existing business products, services and processes. This is commendable, but if your industry is confronted by disruptive forces, then …

If you are without innovative thought, and aren’t implementing changes, then you are in the “Dogged” quadrant. You are ‘comfortable’, stuck, static and most probably not open to coaching to a better future. This might fit with your current stage of life..?

So which quadrant are you in now? I personally have spent time in all quadrants …but I’m now in the Deliberate quadrant and totally loving it! I fully commend it for business leaders that want a better future.

By Glenn Taylor