4 Ways to Develop Leadership

Do you have a Future Leadership Plan?

My mission is to transform the way you think—to transform your mindset around many factors, including leadership. Giving you overwhelming evidence of the need to be forward thinking to develop a leadership team that will take your business to a better future. This is a key focus of the Leadership Acceleration Program

How long have you been struggling to develop your managers to become ‘leaders’? Leaders that think more like you – that have Aspiration, Engagement, and Ability to drive the business forward.  We call this type of manager a Change Leader.  A leader that shares your vision and has: the aspiration to grow and take on challenges; engagement that transforms to loyalty and dedication to you and the business; and ability in the form of learning agility – the ability to learn and apply new concepts and methodologies.

It may seem obvious, but we regularly ignore looking to the future and accepting that unless we make a change – the future will not be what we want it to be … one which has many change leaders working as a high performing team to take the business to new heights.

So, what type of program is the Leadership Acceleration Program (LAP)?

It is a program that equips you to build a high performing leadership team.
Today, I want to share 4 areas that you can impact today.  

Let’s dive in…


#1) What You Believe: Many business owners are seduced into believing that high performing managers will naturally ‘step-up’ into the leadership role given enough time.   However, many technically good managers don’t have the ability (e.g. people agility) to become good leaders.  Take a fresh objective look at your managers and clearly identify which managers are high potentials (aspiration, engagement, and ability) to become Change Leaders. Being realistic rather than optimistic is a great starting point for drafting a Future Leadership Plan.

#2) How You Plan: Strategic Planning can be time consuming and tedious.  Yet we are living in a rapidly changing world which calls for greater emphasis of leaders to look forward to anticipate and plan for the changes.  So, think ‘less is more’.  Draft a succinct plan – this lessens the psychological barrier for drafting the plan.  The Pareto Principle also applies – 80% of the value of a strategic plan lies in 20% of the content … so just document the 20%.

#3) How You Communicate: It is said that nearly all stress and frustrations in life can be traced back to a miscommunication or absence of communication – most people under communicate.  We get busy and caught up in our own thoughts.  So, how well do your staff know your vision and plan for taking the business forward?  I am yet to hear from a manager or staff member “oh the business leader over communicates the vision and plan.”  So, you can start today communicating more proactively what your vision is for the business.  Just ‘dial it up 5-10% each week over the next 4 weeks.

#4) Your Community: The people you spend time with shape who you are and what you do. At one end of the spectrum, you only hang out with colleagues and friends that are comfortable with their business position. At the other end of the spectrum, you spend time with people who are energised and positive about developing their business to take it to a better future. 

Where can you improve? What would it take to improve?


If you want my teaching and coaching to develop a high performing leadership team then join me on the Leadership Acceleration Program.

This program is the culmination from observing, coaching, facilitating, and mentoring thousands of business owners and senior managers, and then deep diving into research to develop a unique program.

Glenn Taylor

20+ Years Business Coach and Facilitator 


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