Changing the Coaching Model

Leadership and Change

My first career was in the RAAF.  I loved the structure, the sense of purpose, and the overall impressive leadership displayed.  They were formative years during which I became an avid student of leadership and change management … which subsequently led me to embark upon my next career as a management consultant.  However, after several years of consulting, I recognised that coaching and facilitation were more powerful methods of encouraging and achieving lasting change.  

Shortly after this realisation, the Curtin University Centre for Entrepreneurship (C4E), in preparation for starting their famous Growth Owner course, approached me to mentor participants; and so a rewarding partnership began, that endured until the C4E closed 20 years later. Over the life of the C4E, I had the privilege of mentoring hundreds of business owners and managers, and facilitating three workshops on Systems, People and Financial Dashboards to approx. 1500 business leaders on the Growth and Masterclass programs respectively.

Syndicate Group

In addition to the mentoring and facilitation, I was asked to chair a Syndicate Group – 14 business owners that met monthly to discuss business challenges and explore solutions.  When the decision was made by Curtin University to solely focus on the corporate and start-up sectors, and hence close the Centre for Entrepreneurship, I was asked if I would like to continue the Syndicate Group under my own business name.

So began a new chapter.  
In partnership with the amazing Michelle Chafin, the Syndicate Group moved into Engine Room Business Innovation.
As an avid student of leadership, change management and now future technologies, and with a dynamic innovative business partner, we went about innovating the Syndicate Group format.  The format was great in building trust amongst members and bringing collective focus and support to current challenges; however, we live in a rapidly changing world … and many businesses were not looking forward enough to anticipate the changes that their business was going to confront.  
Excelerate Business Group
So, the Syndicate Group was renamed the Excelerate Business Group and a key component was introduced – the Transformative Project.  Every participant now had to identify a project to work on that was transformative in nature – not just operational per se … but a project that was going to truly move the business to a better future.
But alas, the program could be so much more … and so three years ago, I began my own ‘transformative project’ to develop the Leadership Acceleration Program.  This program would be about creating Change Leaders – leaders that are equipped to deal successfully with the challenges and opportunities that a fast changing world is presenting.  
Futurists claim that we are going to experience more change in the next 15 years, then we have in the past 150 years!  So, a new breed of leader is needed.  Leaders that are avid learners, agile and innovative, and have emotional intelligence in spades – able to inspire and motivate their colleagues to embrace the challenges and opportunities that are coming at us fast!
Leadership Acceleration Program
So, after being asked to chair the Syndicate Group ten years ago and innovating it into the Excelerate Business Group three years ago … it is now time to innovate further and launch the Leadership Acceleration Program.  Yes, business innovation is in Engine Room’s DNA!

How can you get yourself future ready?  How can you find and develop other leaders to thrive in a fast changing world?

Well, there is a spectrum of options.  At one end of the spectrum is to focus attention on retaining the status quo.   Whilst at the other end of the spectrum is the Leadership Acceleration Program.

The Leadership Acceleration Program will enable you to learn fast, as it will provide you with knowledge, case studies, methodologies, 4 assessments + development plans, and 50+ tools.  All provided via a blended learning model – which includes a Learning Management System, workshops, onsite assessment sessions, virtual coaching sessions, ‘deep diving’ sessions with participants, and more.

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By Glenn Taylor

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