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Business Constraints and Frustrations

Constraints and Frustrations

I’ve been coaching business owners and managers for decades, and a common theme that emerges in all coaching programs is energy management.  However, this topic doesn’t immediately come into focus, as it often requires a few stages of the coaching program to unfold before we can have a meaningful discussion on this topic.  

Firstly, we need to address the key constraints and frustrations that has motivated the seeking of the coaching program.  Then once the immediate issues/frustrations have been successfully addressed, we return to the question of “how did these issues/frustrations come about?”.  

We then ‘dive deeper’ to understand the sequence of events, and to clearly identify the ‘missing ingredients’, that if present, could have avoided the stresses/frustrations from emerging.  Specifically, was there a lack of attention applied to the needed priorities at the required time? Something that wasn’t done when it should have been … and why not?  Well, this is when the topic of energy management comes clearly into focus.

Energy Management

Yes, we are all living in a fast changing and busy world, and hence most business owners and managers are challenged to apply themselves, at all times, with the appropriate attention, to the topics needed.  Over time, with more pressure and less energy, a ‘firefighting’ modus operandi can emerge – one in which business leaders are reacting and dealing with crises after crises.

This state of ‘firefighting’ often results in a business owner or manager becoming fatigued, or worse still, burnt out.  A business leader that has lost their ‘mojo’ is not uncommon, and if the business leader is not positive and energised … then over time, the ‘vibe’ within the business starts to mimic the business leader’s lack of energy.

“People join because of Great Vision. People Leave because of Poor Leadership.”

So, how do you ‘get your life back’?  How do you ‘get ahead of the curve’? How do you undertake the needed activities proactively, in a timely manner, and with positive energy?  How do you get your ‘mojo’ back and to be energised in leading the business again?

High-Performing Leadership Team

As mentioned, I have been coaching businesses for decades and my observation of the main ‘ingredient’ required for a business to grow beyond the ‘mid-sized’ range, or to enable the business owner to confidently ’step back’ (and focus on the elements that energise them), is a high-performing leadership team.  This is a team of ‘high-potentials’, who complement each other’s knowledge and skills, and work collaboratively to focus the required attention on priorities that keep the business ‘ahead of the curve’.  This is a team of ‘Change Leaders’.

So, how do you learn how to create a high-performing leadership team?  

Well, there is a spectrum of options.  At one end of the spectrum there is learning slow via self-education and trial and error.   Whilst at the other end of the spectrum is the Leadership Acceleration Program.

The Leadership Acceleration Program will enable you to learn fast, as it will provide you with knowledge, case studies, methodologies, 4 assessments + development plans, and 50+ tools.  Provided via a blended learning model – which includes a Learning Management System, workshops, onsite assessment sessions, virtual coaching sessions, ‘deep diving’ sessions with participants, and more.

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By Glenn Taylor


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