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Business Challenges

Business Challenges

I was excited when leaving the Air Force to embark upon my second career in the commercial world.  This was a whole different world for me.  Sure, there were many elements that I was very familiar with – such as leadership, change management, workflow design, quality, and safety to name but a few.  But it also had other topics that were somewhat new to me – such as marketing and finances.  So, I eagerly took upon learning how to turn these weaknesses into strengths.
As I broadened my knowledge and skillset, my appreciation for the complexities of starting and building a business grew. And so, my respect for business owners grew.  So much complexity to deal with, and often so few, or no-one to share the stresses with.  Subsequently, over time, my concern for many business owners grew.  Due to the relentless challenges, many were fatigued, stressed, and losing their enthusiasm and love for their business.  Some were even showing signs of burnout and poor mental health.
Energy + Mindset 
After decades of business coaching and workshop facilitation, I teamed up with Michelle Chafin who had many years of experience with program facilitation in the university education sector.  We had an ambition to build programs that could make a real difference for the small to medium sized businesses (the engine room of the Australian economy).
Due to Michelle’s experience at the Curtin Centre for Entrepreneurship, where she was the Relationship and Program Manager and witnessed on a regular basis the tired and fatigued nature of many business owners, she nominated a workshop on Energy + Mindset to be the first workshop that Engine Room Business Innovation should design and develop. And so began our journey nearly four years ago to educate, motivate and inspire business leaders.
I’m always impressed by people who are fully engaged with their role within the business and have positive energy and a growth mindset.  However, some business leaders have ‘checked out’ – either partially or fully.  They are no longer fully engaged with their business.  
This disengagement often occurs gradually over many months/years.  Not consciously, but unconsciously due to the repeated ‘bows and arrows’ that are encountered running the business.  So, without even knowing it, their lack of ‘mojo’ starts to influence the staff within the business, and the energy and mindset of the business begins to lose its ‘mojo’.  Which then further depletes the business owner’s energy and mindset.  This invisible cycle continues to move the business on a downwards trajectory.
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the United States
If you lead by example, with positive energy and a growth mindset, and often say “come with me – we are going forward to a better future”, your team will feel inspired and motivated. Yes, positivity and a growth mindset are a powerful mix.  They are the ‘fuel’ for developing and driving a high performing team. 
High-Performing Leadership Team 
I have been coaching businesses for decades and my observation of the main ‘ingredient’ required for a business to grow beyond the ‘mid-sized’ range, or to enable the business owner to confidently ’step back’ (and focus on the elements that energise them), is a high-performing leadership team
This is a team of ‘high-potentials’, who show vulnerability and build trust to work collaboratively on priorities that keep the business ‘ahead of the curve’. This is a team of ‘Change Leaders’. 

So, how do you learn how to create a high-performing leadership team?  

Well, there is a spectrum of options. At one end of the spectrum is focusing on the negatives and remaining stagnant. Whilst at the other end of the spectrum is the Leadership Acceleration Program
By Glenn Taylor

The Leadership Acceleration Program will enable you to examine and develop your energy + mindset, as it will provide you with knowledge, case studies, methodologies, 4 assessments + development plans, and 50+ tools. Provided via a blended learning model – which includes a Learning Management System, workshops, onsite assessment sessions, virtual coaching sessions, ‘deep diving’ sessions with participants, and more. 
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