I'm Too Busy

Have you recently told someone “sorry I am/was too busy”? How did it feel – maybe a little uncomfortable? Is this because your unconscious mind knows that it really isn’t a strong reason, but a weak excuse?

We know (consciously or unconsciously) that we all have 168 hours each week – regardless of our age, gender, or race. What makes us truly effective, is how we choose to use that time.  

So busyness is not a specific reason, but a hollow excuse. If we are “too busy”, then we need to take ownership of the choices that we have made, that resulted in being “too busy”.

As a coach/mentor I often hear:

1. “but my circumstances are different – people keep putting demands upon me, and I don’t have a choice!”, or

2. “what if a crises occurs and we need to deal with it now!?”

My response:

1. “you do have a choice – explain to the person that you have other, higher priorities. They can then help you to re-prioritise or go to Plan B.

2. “see to the ‘crises’ and proactively communicate with people, indirectly affected, of your new schedule.”

Busyness is a ‘killer’ of open conversations, true effectiveness, creativity and innovation. So I recommend that you mindfully consider your choices – and drop thinking and saying “I am/was too busy”. Instead think and discuss priorities.

By Glenn Taylor



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