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Providing your employees with professional development opportunities can lead to increased talent retention and attraction rates.

In today’s fast-paced business world, effective management goes far beyond merely delegating tasks and overseeing operations. It requires a unique set of skills to lead and inspire teams to achieve success while also fostering a positive work environment. As such, the need for managers and future leaders to develop change skills and techniques via soft skills is paramount to the success of any business venture.
At Engine Room Business Innovation we provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals can learn to apply new skills through a variety of engaging and interactive workshops, coaching sessions, online self-paced learning, and business improvement projects. Our Change Agent and Change Leader programs are designed to equip managers and future leaders with the tools they need to succeed in any business setting, whether it be large or small.
Participants have access to a wealth of resources that are designed to support growth at any level. The workshop sessions promote the importance of communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills, while also providing the concepts and principles in areas such as leadership, goal-setting, and time management. The workshops and coaching sessions are conducted by expert trainers who have years of experience in their respective fields, making them ideal for anyone looking to enhance their existing leadership skills or develop new ones.
Perhaps most importantly, Engine Room Business Innovation offers a unique blend of learning opportunities with the Learning Management System so participants can access at any time, making it easy for busy professionals to learn and grow. Additionally, the business improvement projects allow participants to apply what they have learned in a practical setting, resulting in tangible results and, ultimately, greater success.
The need for managers and future leaders to develop soft skills is more important today than ever before. With Engine Room Business Innovation’s comprehensive programs, it has never been easier or more convenient to acquire the skills and tools necessary to drive success and create a thriving work environment. By committing to the workshops, coaching sessions, online courses, and participating in their business improvement project, anyone can develop the leadership skills required for constant change. Don’t wait – unleash your full potential today with Engine Room Business Innovation!
Change Agent Program

Change Agents

Leadership + Change Management Workshop

Leadership and Change Management Workshop is designed to provide professionals with valuable skills and knowledge on how to lead and manage organisational change effectively. As a critical component of this workshop, participants engage in various hands-on activities that accelerate their learnings and reinforce key concepts.

One such activity is the tower building exercise. Through this activity, participants learn the importance of effective communication, collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving.

The tower building activity helps participants to recognise the significance of setting clear goals and objectives, a vital aspect of effective leadership. They learn that by breaking down complex projects into smaller, more manageable parts, they can achieve their goals more efficiently.

This activity teaches them how to adapt to new circumstances and think in a flexible and innovative manner.

The Leadership and Change Management Workshop’s tower building activity is an effective way to promote learning application, engage participants, and accelerate learnings. Through hands-on activities like this, participants learn valuable management skills that help them become effective leaders, change managers, and problem solvers in their organisations.

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