'Change Agent' Manager Acceleration Program Vs Certificate in Management

Change Management Iceberg
Are you a manager or an upcoming leader looking to join the Change Agent or Change Leader Program? 
Perhaps your business owner has recommended that pursuing this program would provide invaluable training and development benefits. 
However, one issue that may arise with your team/business owner or HR is the question of – is Engine Room Business Innovation an (RTO). 
With this in mind, we have recognised the need to explain differences between the two. Read on in order to learn more about both types of training programs and determine which fits best with your preferences and goals.
Both the Change Agent/Leader Programs and the Certificate/Diploma in Management aim to enhance the skills and capabilities of your managers, but approached from different perspectives and offer unique benefits.
Let’s delve into the details:
  1. Change Agent Manager Acceleration Program (offered by Engine Room Business Innovation): The Change Agent Manager Acceleration Program focuses on developing managers who can effectively drive and manage change within an organisation. This program equips managers with the necessary tools, knowledge, and strategies to initiate and implement transformative initiatives. Here are some key features of this program:

    a. Change Management Expertise: The program provides in-depth training on change management principles, methodologies, and best practices. Managers learn how to navigate through organisational complexities, overcome resistance to change, and foster a culture of innovation.

    b. Leadership and Communication Skills: The program hones managers’ leadership abilities, enabling them to effectively communicate the vision of change, inspire teams, and facilitate collaboration. They gain the skills needed to guide their teams through transitional periods and motivate employees to embrace change.

    c. Innovation and Problem-Solving: Engine Room Business Innovation specialises in fostering innovation within organisations. This program equips managers with tools and techniques to identify and solve complex problems, promote creativity, and implement innovative solutions.

    d. Customised Approach: Engine Room Business Innovation tailors the program to your organisation’s specific needs and challenges. They work closely with your managers to ensure the training aligns with your strategic objectives and desired outcomes.

    e. Ongoing Support: The program typically includes post-training support to help managers successfully implement the knowledge gained. Engine Room Business Innovation offers mentorship, coaching, and resources to ensure managers can effectively apply their skills in real-world scenarios.

  2. Certificate in Management: A Certificate in Management is a comprehensive program that provides a broader foundation in management principles and practices. It covers various functional areas, including finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and strategy.

    Here are some key aspects of this program:

    a. Management Knowledge: The Certificate in Management offers a well-rounded understanding of core management concepts and techniques. Managers gain insights into different aspects of running an organisation and acquire a broad skill set applicable to various managerial roles.

    b. Established Curriculum: Certificate programs are often standardised and follow a predetermined curriculum. They cover fundamental management theories, frameworks, and practical case studies, offering a structured learning experience.

    c. Formal Recognition: Obtaining a certificate can serve as a formal recognition of managerial competence and can be valuable for career advancement or when seeking new opportunities.

In summary, the Change Agent Manager Acceleration Program offered by Engine Room Business Innovation focuses specifically on developing managers as change agents and innovators within your organisation. It provides targeted training, tools, and ongoing support to drive transformative initiatives. On the other hand, a Certificate in Management offers a broader foundation in management principles across various functional areas.

The choice between the two programs depends on your organisational needs and the desired outcomes for your managers. If you are looking to foster a culture of innovation and change within your company, the Change Agent Manager Acceleration Program may be more suitable. If you prefer a more comprehensive management education for your managers, the Certificate in Management could be a better fit.

We recommend considering the specific objectives, organisational context, and long-term goals when making a decision. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or require additional information.


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