Learning to ‘dive deep’ is a vital skill for change

Learning Culture

Unleashing the Power of Deep Learning: Embracing the Challenge of Going Beyond Surface Learning. In a world of rapid information consumption, true learning goes beyond simply absorbing facts and figures. It requires a willingness to dive deep into a subject, to explore its intricacies, and to truly understand the underlying concepts. Unfortunately, many people find […]



Appreciation – Inspire Your Team Do you struggle to keep your employees engaged and happy at work? You’re not alone. However, employee appreciation is the secret sauce to a thriving company that many leaders overlook. Not only does it increase employee job satisfaction, but it also has a profound impact on the entire organisation. Studies […]

I’m Too Busy


I’m Too Busy Have you recently told someone “sorry I am/was too busy”? How did it feel – maybe a little uncomfortable? Is this because your unconscious mind knows that it really isn’t a strong reason, but a weak excuse? We know (consciously or unconsciously) that we all have 168 hours each week – regardless […]