Leadership Acceleration Program Workshops

5 Workshop Topics

Vision + Action + Marketing

25th May 2022

Setting the Direction

  • Reflecting on the business journey to this point.
  • Considering the trends that are forming – using the PESTLE ‘lens’.
  • Establishing the Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, Strategy and Actions.
  • Identifying the main constraints.
  • Marketing the Business Improvement Plan to staff.

Energy + Mindset + Communication

22nd June 2022

Creating the Culture

  • The power and impact of positive energy.
  • Establishing a Constructive Mindset (Growth, Abundant, Exponential) 
  • Communicating effectively.
  • Six leadership styles and influence on culture.
  • Creating a positive, constructive culture.

Process Improvement & Systems Development

27th July 2022

Eliminating the Slippages

  • Developing business systems.
  • Establishing continuous process improvement.
  • Managing Change successfully. 
  • Quality management models and principles (ISO, TQM, Lean, Theory of Constraints).
  • Developing a quality (customer centric) culture.

Driving High-Performing Teams

24th August 2022

Building the Leadership Team

  • The elements of teamwork.
  • Five dysfunctions of teams.
  • High Potentials vs High Performers and learning agility. 
  • Recruiting, inducting and training for a high-performing team.
  • Developing the leadership team – stimulating business improvment projects.

Adapting to the Future

28th September 2022

Accelerating the Growth

  • Linear versus exponential growth.
  • 6Ds model and implications.
  • Future trends impacting industries.
  • Transformative Project options and selection.
  • Developing an Innovative Culture.

Special Features

All workshops have the following:

  • Pre-workshop online material to ‘prime the mind’ ready for the impactful workshop.
  • 2 tools specifically designed for medium-sized businesses to transfer the learning back to the workplace. 
  • A case study (based on a medium-sized business) to assist with understanding the application of the concepts.
  • Post workshop online material to further extend and deepen the learning.
  • Post workshop 2 hour Virtual (Zoom) coaching session to reflect and extend on the learning and how to apply it to the business. 

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