Leadership Acceleration Program Change Leader


Driving Positive Energy + Mindsets

Creating the Culture

  • The power and impact of positive energy.
  • Establishing a Constructive Mindset (Victor, Growth, Abundant, Exponential, Achievement). 
  • Communicating effectively.
  • Reflection of the mindset shift needed within the business culture.
  • Leadership’s role in creating a positive, constructive culture.

Creating the Vision + Action

Setting the Direction

  • The importance of creating and sharing the vision.
  • The elements of action key for a change leader.
  • The use of the Change Leadership Tool on a strategic change initiative.
  • A case study on using the Kolbe assessment in forming a high-performing leadership team.
  • The use of the Communication Plan Tool to communicate to all stakeholder groups the strategic change initiative.

Executing System Improvements

Eliminating the Slippages and Innovating

  • Developing business systems.
  • Digitisation and automation trends and opportunities.
  • Establishing continuous process improvement.
  • Managing Change successfully. 
  • Quality management models and principles (ISO, TQM, Lean, Theory of Constraints).
  • Developing a quality (customer centric) culture.

Leading a High-Performing Team

Building the Leadership Team

  • The elements of teamwork.
  • Five dysfunctions of teams.
  • High Potentials vs High Performers and learning agility. 
  • Recruiting, inducting and training for a high-performing team.
  • Developing the leadership team – stimulating business improvment projects.

Generating a Sustainable Future

Accelerating the Growth

  • Learning Pyramid
  • Reflection on the challenges and achievements for the past year.
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Forward Thinking – next year.
  • Developing a Learning Culture.

Special Features

All workshops have the following:

  • Pre-workshop online material to ‘prime the mind’ ready for the impactful workshop.
  • 2 tools specifically designed for medium-sized businesses to transfer the learning back to the workplace. 
  • A case study (based on a medium-sized business) to assist with understanding the application of the concepts.
  • Post workshop online material to further extend and deepen the learning.
  • Post workshop 2 hour Virtual (Zoom) coaching session to reflect and extend on the learning and how to apply it to the business. 

a Powerful Program

For Business Leaders who have the ambition to develop a high-performing team

By investing the time and energy to work on self business leaders achieve the following:

Business Vision Is Clear


Internal Marketing Communication Is Ongoing


Innovative Team


Clear focus and direction


Employer of Choice


Where is your Business Current State and Future State

  1. Engine Room Business Innovation works with  leaders to bring transformation experiences to their people and measurable growth to their business/organisation.

Leaders need to be on a continual journey of learning … reflecting on the past to gain insights, and forward thinking to strategise on moving to a better future.