Learning Culture Information Session

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    Venue: Curtin Nesuto, Curtin University Exchange Thursday 7th December | 10:00 am - 11:30 am

    Scrumptious morning tea provided. 

    Change Intelligence

    Article Unleashing the Power of Deep Learning

    Embracing the Challenge of Going Beyond Surface Learning.

    In a world of rapid information consumption, true learning goes beyond simply absorbing facts and figures. It requires a willingness to dive deep into a subject, to explore its intricacies, and to truly understand the underlying concepts. Unfortunately, many people find this aspect of learning challenging. They struggle to move beyond the surface level, missing out on the deeper insights that can truly enhance their knowledge and understanding.

    But why is diving deep so difficult? Perhaps it’s because we live in a culture that values quick fixes and instant gratification. Delving deeper takes time and effort, requiring us to push past our comfort zones and confront challenging concepts. It can be uncomfortable, but it is in that discomfort that true growth and transformation occur.

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