Manager Acceleration Program

Developing Change Agents

For businesses to succeed in a rapidly changing business world, future-ready leaders are needed. Businesses need Change Agents. People who are engines of positive change.

“The Engine Room Manager Acceleration Program has greatly contributed to the growth in my confidence and skills as a leader over the past year. The course was both practical and motivating, helping me to gain the knowledge and experience required to influence positive change within myself and the business.

Michelle and Glenn are fantastic coaches/facilitators. and are constantly adapting and improving Engine Room’s programs, making them completely unique and highly beneficial for employees and their employers”. Georgia Gillies, Downhole Surveys.

March - November 2022
Format: Blended (In-Person + Online)
Fees: $7,000 + GST

Our approach to leading change is simple:
We focus on you and your people.

If there’s one thing we can all depend on, it’s change.

Futurists claim that we are likely to see more change in the next 15 years than we have in the past 150 years. But with change, comes opportunity. So, with the right team members - Change Agents with the appropriate knowledge and skills - your business can thrive in a rapidly changing world.

The Manager Acceleration Program provides the structure, tools, and support that gives participants' a new perspective and a fresh way of thinking — and keeps them on track to turn their goals into reality. 

What is a Change Agent? The individual that undertakes the task of initiating and managing change in a business is known as a 'change agent'. Change agents can be managers or employees who have the desire, knowledge and skills to focus appropriate time and energy on business effectiveness and improvement.

With the accelerating pace of change, every business needs effective 'change agents' to help implement changes towards improvements and new concepts or ideas - and they achieve this by driving positive energy, and intentionally leading others in a way that fosters well-being and increases business performance.

7 Key Ingredients of the Manager Acceleration Program

Manager Acceleration Program equips leaders — and, in turn equips your business as a whole, to become more 'change-capable.’ We do this by using seven key ingredients which collectively impacts the beliefs, mindset, and behaviours that amplifies people’s ability to adapt to, and lead, in a fast changing world.

1. Learning Agility Assessment – Personal development assessment helps unpack what is limiting any progress to learn and grow. To be at our best, we need to firstly understand what could be a constraint.

2. 9 Impactful Workshops – a space where rich knowledge is delivered and powerful discussions are facilitated. This is where the learning is accelerated leading to deep insights and paradigm shifts. 

3. Pre-Post Workshop Material – 30 mins. To get ready for the learning it is important to prime the mind. Participants may also find the answers to some of the current challenges in the business.

This is where the learning is accelerated leading to deep insights and paradigm

4. Reflection Sessions with the Sponsor – This opens the door to great discussions – reflective and insightful conversations that would not normally happen. 

5. Business Improvement Project – This moves participants out of the daily operational mindset to explore an improvement opportunity and apply the knowledge and skills that are learnt on the program.

6. Coaching – Coaching supports the application of the learnings and challenges the thinking to accelerate growth and development.

7. Presentation Session – at the conclusion of the program participants present their key learnings and an overview of their business improvement project.  Presenting to an audience clearly and confidently is a valuable skill – a skill that is key to being an effective change agent.

Accelerate your learning with like - minded people from other industries

The Power of Learning With Others

Everyone you meet has something valuable to teach you.

Participants not only learn from the workshops, online material, business improvement project and the coaching – they also get the support from other participants in the program.

By sharing their insights online and in the group discussion they learn how to navigate themselves around challenging issues.

All participants want to learn and by generously sharing ideas and their industry knowledge – everyone gets a real in-depth experience whilst on the program.

It is not often that industries come together to talk about current and real issues in business. We encourage participants to share their insights and reflections with the online learnings and group discussions.

Creating a learning culture will ensure your business is moving forward.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Hear from a Manager Acceleration Program participant.

Damien talks about why this program has made a huge difference to him personally and to the business. He realised the power to being open and present to the learnings. Also why understanding self is the first step to being a great change agent in a fast paced business.

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Hear from a Business Owner about the Manager Acceleration Program.

Why Steve has put 3 people on the program, and how the structure of the program provides the opportunity to have conversations you would not normally have with your team. The power of structured open conversations about the learnings.

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Registering for the Program

Start Now With Engine Room Business Innovation online resources.

Developing Change Agents Accelerate The Learning Now

By starting now, participants receive the Pre-Program Material. This means they will have a planned schedule to get ready for the program in 2022. 

This allows the time to invest in the learning before the program starts (which can lead to breakthroughs that are needed now). By immersing in the learning can place participants in a fantastic position.

Step 1: Register your team member or yourself on the program. (click details below) 

Step 2: Start the Pre-Program material – which has over 20 resources. 

Step 3: Think ahead and ensure your team member | or you – are planning for 2022 so you can start the program with energy and motivation. 

Step 4: Organise a time and day to with Engine Room to complete the Learning Assessment and Development Plan. 

Step 5: Discuss the Business Improvement Project and ensure that others in your team are aware of the project idea. 

Develop your internal talent by giving them opportunities to learn on an ongoing basis. Set them up to succeed by ensuring they have the training and coaches needed to fill skill and mindset gaps. There is nothing more powerful than applying the learning and reflecting on that experience.

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