The Future of Work Is Employee Well-being

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Breakfast Event

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We know that employees’ desire to work for businesses and organisations whose values align with their own will be an important criteria in selecting a new employer. As the talent marketplace continues to heat up, new hires expect their business/company to become actively involved and vocal about the cultural debates of the moment.

The pandemic has given employers increased visibility into the life struggles of their employees and has shifted the focus from just business/organisational issues to individual human life experiences. Leaders now view well-being not just as an employee benefit but as an opportunity to support employees in all aspects of their personal and work lives.

The Future of Work is Employee Well-being

Breakfast Event Details

This year’s Breakfast Event theme is The Future of Work is Employee Well-being

Guest Speaker: Nick Hudson 

Date: 27th October 2022

Time: 7:00 am – 9:00 am

Venue: Nesuto Curtin

Well-being Assessment/Presentation:  Glenn Taylor will present the key steps in completing the Engine Room Business Innovation Well-being Assessment Tool (a tool from the ‘Change Leader’ Program).

At the Breakfast there will be lots of activities + a lot of fun throughout the morning – so don’t miss out. 

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Only a thriving workforce can sustain a thriving business. And we know (thanks to the science) that a proactive approach vs a reactive mindset to development is how we perform at our best.

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