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All businesses suffer a level of systems slippage – due to the processes not being documented and fully understood or followed, or processes stagnating and not being innovated / improved.  

What percentage difference to the bottom line could comprehensively systematising your business deliver? 

Let’s consider just 3 possible scenarios in which processes are systematised and improved for 3 businesses in which turnover is $5m, $50m and $100m, and materials and labour are each 25% and 35% of turnover respectively, and all businesses are currently making a NP of 15%:

Scenario 1 – to enhance product quality and strengthen marketing and sales – which results in turnover growing by 5%.

Scenario 2 – to reduce the cost of materials by 5% of turnover.

Scenario 3 – to improve human resources management which leads to greater, efficiency and productivity of staff, which reduces all labour costs as a percentage of sales by 5%

The returns can be truly inspiring – so run the numbers for a few scenarios for your business, and we are confident that if you task enable a good manager to complete the Systems Development and Process Improvements Online Course, the Return on Investment (ROI) will be impressive!

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What are the ‘systems slippages’ in your business/company? do you need to invest in your team’s development or your own learning in Systems Development and Process Improvements. 

Because once you systematise your business, it will run smoothly and it will run itself.

You can then focus your efforts on growing the business, and reap the rewards of a fully systematised company.


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The Leadership Acceleration Program equips leaders to become Change Leaders — and, in turn equips the business as a whole, to overcome the current constraints and to become more ‘change-capable’ and ‘future-ready’. This is achieved by using five different teaching / coaching elements which collectively impacts the knowledge, mindset, and behaviours that amplifies participants ability to successfully drive change.

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