WITH coaching

When people have an opportunity to use their greatest talents and strengths they:

experience positive energy

are more likely to achieve their goals

are more confident

perform better at work

are more engaged at work and

experience less stress.

Change Leader

Strength Coaching

Engine Room Business Innovation coaching helps people to identify their strengths, achieve their goals, and reach their full potential. The results?  High-performing individuals ready to tackle whatever comes their way.

Coaching unleashes the hidden potential in people and helps them unleash the potential in their teams.

We help individuals to focus on advancing their personal and professional development goals. We use advanced methodologies to diagnose, identify, target and align key factors that enable individuals to accelerate the achievement of their goals and priorities. 

Our coaches have in-depth experience in helping leaders better achieve business priorities while growing personally and professionally. With a variety of methodologies and tools we help individuals to identify areas for improvement, leverage their strengths, and lead more effectively.

The most effective way to develop and empower people is to help them use their strengths

Individualised support for leaders to develop new skills and lead more effectively.


Many misconceptions exist about the benefits of skills and leadership coaching. That’s because due to the qualitative, subjective nature of coaching work, the return on investment (ROI) has been difficult to quantify.

Companies like Engine Room Business Innovation have the data to track the personal and professional changes that matter most, validating this investment.

Engine Room Business Innovation tracks individuals growth through the blending learning – whole person model. Learning Agility + Strength Finder assessment tools specifically designed to reflect behaviours that people can change/manage. It measures traits that impact others and link to well-being, performance, and collaboration.

By dedicating time to intentional growth with a trained, experienced professional, coaching provides the following:

  1. Greater self-awareness. 
  2. Improved communication 
  3. More confidence
  4. Greater accountability 
  5. Better well-being

What Makes a Person Excel? Strengths-based approach to development and performance managment

A strength-based development strategy starts by focusing on what people do well. It then emphasises and builds on those strengths to help individuals become even more productive.  

  • A person's greatest talents - the ways in which they most naturally think, feel and behave - represent their innate power and potential. Below are some key principles that strength coaching utilises for achieving the best results for individuals:
  • We focus on developing a person's talents into strengths and managing their weaknesses.
  • We know that only some behaviours can be learned - so we focus on these.
  • The best in any role, deliver the same outcomes using different behaviours - so we teach flexibility.
  • Fixing weaknesses prevents failure; building strengths leads to excellence - hence the primary focus is on strength development.

In the best organisations, when compared with their peers, employees who received strengths-based development were found to have up to 18% increased performance*

*including performance ratings, productivity and sales data

Coaching helps to improve individual focus and  performance while developing greater personal and professional competence. 

Helping individuals to focus, integrate business and personal priorities, sharpen their skills and overcome hurdles to better performance.

The benefits of coaching – it offers an unbiased outsider’s view. Having an objective outsider provides two immediate benefits:

  1. They help us see ourselves and our actions and behaviours in a way that we generally cannot on our own.
  2. They help keep us accountable for our goals and plans. 
The program provides:
  • Professional support from an experienced coach dedicated to unleashing the highest potential of individuals.
  • A tailored approach to meet business objectives and the individual’s specific needs and constraints.
  • Proven, world-class tools and instruments for improving performance  and changing behaviour.

One of the most common misconceptions about coaching is that it only benefits those who are executive-level leaders. Fact – Coaching skills can be effective at any level.

Everyone can benefit from having the tools to better understand and regulate themselves. Everyone can benefit from having the skills and resources to improve their own well-being. Everyone can benefit from developing mental strength and resilience.

No matter what stage you’re at in your career — or whether you’re working with a personal or professional coach — coaching can make a difference.

Strength Coaching Steps


Individual Strength Assessment


Creation of an Individual Development Plan


Initial session with the Participant to discuss the assessments and Individual Development Plan


Confidential coaching on a mutually agreed schedule


Learning Management platform + Virtual Sessions to engage Leaders in daily practices in between coaching sessions


Just in time” real-time coaching for crucial conversations, meetings, or other business activities


“Pulse check” at Mid Point to focus on key performance criteria

When Confidence Grows - Performance Increases

3 Coaching Programs

Lasting impact is created at an individual level. Personalised, 1-to-1 coaching helps your people reach their well-being and performance goals – with the accountability that comes from working with a Strengths Coach.

Focused Strength Sprint | 3 Months

Specific Skill or Capability Development for the individuals who needs to accelerate their learning to execute a project milestone e.g. focusing, synthesising, planning, executing, collaboration, time management, communication, presentation, sales and marketing. This type of coaching is designed to accelerate the goals that need to be achieved for a specific project.

Growth Strength Journey |
6 Months

Development support for high-potentials - the Growth Strength Journey provides a competitive edge for the individual. The focus is to provide support in developing a career plan, making critical work-related decisions. This also involves personal growth work, where the individual seeks to create a more balanced life. The Coach will provide personal support in exploring personal improvement and self-awareness as part of the professional support provided to the individuals. Coachees often see themselves and their circumstances in a new way. They become empowered to identify how they can take action towards the life they want. Best for: anyone who is looking for greater clarity, purpose, and passion in their personal and professional lives.

Ultimate Strengths Journey |
9 Months

To help people develop skills that are specific to meeting the objectives of their current job. As with athletic coaching, performance coaching focuses on spotting areas for improvement. The coach then offers focused practice and feedback. The Ultimate Strengths Journey is to focus on a larger goal/or 4 goals. We work with the clients to identify an objective that aligns with their career goals. With this in mind, they can then set milestones towards achieving it. Best for: high-potential people at any stage of their career that are looking to go to the next level.

Strength Coaching

‘Strength Coaching’ Program

The one-on-one Strength Coaching overview:

Completing the Strength Finder Assessment. 

Working on their personal and professional goals. 

Building on their strengths – to drive their performance. 

Identifying their areas of weakness, so they know where to direct their energy and where not to. 

Developing techniques on how to manage their weaknesses whilst concentrating on developing their Strengths. 


The 3 Options

Focused Strength Sprint – 3 Months Investment $2,500 + GST 

Growth Strength Journey – 6 Months Investment is $5,000 + GST 

Ultimate Strengths Journey – 9 Months is $7,500 + GST. 

This coaching helps to build individuals confidence, so they can focus on personal and professional goals during the year. 

People who focus on using their strengths are 3 x as likely to report having an excellent quality of life.

Our Strength Coaching Model is a step-by-step process for setting your compass, developing relationship skills and learning how to manage the inevitable conflicts and contradictions that leaders face in a high-speed, complex business environment.

We use the Holistic Coaching Style

The holistic approach to coaching considers the whole person when creating creates goals and tactics. The coach does not typically prioritise one aspect of the coachees’ life over another. This can benefit clients seeking guidance in a variety of areas, simultaneously. The holistic coaching style can also encourage clients to bring their whole selves to work, which has proven to increase productivity and retention.

Engine Room Business Innovation Programs

Only a thriving workforce can sustain a thriving business. And we know (thanks to the science) that a proactive approach vs a reactive mindset to development is how we perform at our best.

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