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01 Module


Below are the 10 topics of Module 1:

  1. Introduction
    • Welcome
  2. Business Systems
    • What is a Business System?
    • Business Systems – Terms and Definitions
  3. Process Improvement
    • What is Process Improvement?
    • Process Improvement – Terms and Definitions
  4. Common Business State
    • Common Business State – Systems Development
    • Common Business State – Process Improvement
  5. Importance of Systems and Improvement
    • Importance | Why Develop and Improve Systems 
    • Discussion with a Business Owner
  6. Ideal Business State
      • Ideal Business State – Systems Development
      • Ideal Business State – Process Improvement
  1. Typical Business Journey
      • Systematising – The Business Journey
      • Systems Paradigm – Cost versus Investment
      • What is Your Business Position?
  1. Barriers and Solutions
      • What are the Barriers?
      • What are the Solutions (Part 1)?
      • What are the Solutions (Part 2)?
  1. Finance
      • 40:20: Ratio
      • Case Study
  1. Wrap-up
      • Reflection
      • What Next?
      • Feedback Survey
My Skills
Understanding Systems Development & Process Improvement 100%

Growth Businesses focus on systems

Because good business systems enable employees to consistently deliver quality outcomes,  entrepreneurs can grow their companies without the need to constantly focus and watch over business operations.  Thereby providing the entrepreneur the time and energy to pursue other opportunities.

02 Module


Below are the 6 topics of Module 2:

  1. Introduction
    • Welcome
  2. The Systems Wheel | Overview
    • Designing Structure
    • Building Systems
    • Implementing Systems
    • Improving Systems
  3. Designing Structure
    • List Business Areas
    • List Business Processes
    • Obtain Templates / Select Platform
  4. Building Systems
    • Write Procedures – Priorities
    • Write Procedures – Principles
    • Delegate and Assist
    • Monitor Progress
  5. Activity and Case Study
    • Setup
    • Execution
    • Debrief + Case Study
  6. Wrap-up
    • Reflection
    • What Next?
    • Feedback Survey
My Skills
Designing and building business systems 100%

Growth Businesses have multiple systems in place

Business systems can be developed across the entire business – for example: product development and service delivery, attracting and maintaining customers, attracting, recruiting and onboarding staff, invoicing and collecting of payments, and so on …

03 Module


Below are the 5 topics of Module 3:

  1. Introduction
    • Welcome
  2. Implementing Systems
    • Understand Change Management (Part 1) | The 7 Steps
    • Understand Change Management (Part 2) | Communicating Change
    • Conduct Training
    • Implement New Process
  3. Improving Systems
    • Review Implementation
    • Improve Process (Part 1) | Introduction
    • Improve Process (Part 2) | Problems (faults/errors)
    • Improve Process (Part 3) | Progression of Ideas
    • Implement CI System
  4. Extension
    • Certification to Standards
    • Lean and ISO 9001
    • The Alternatives
  5. Wrap-up
    • Reflection
    • What’s Next? | Actions for YOU
    • Feedback Survey


My Skills
Implementing and improving business systems 100%

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There are several reasons why you’d want to build systems and processes in your business. The main ones are:

Precision and consistency. By having set business processes for how tasks should be completed, you will get consistent quality results.

Time and money savings. When employees know precisely how to do something and do it the same way each time, they eventually become much better and faster at performing the task. This saves time and money, and gives you a competitive advantage.

Scalability. When you have set processes for completing tasks, it’s much easier to hire and train new employees and grow your business.

Free your time and build business value. Developing and implementing systems allows your business to run without you. This frees up your time to focus on building your business further (and taking time off) and makes your business more attractive and valuable to potential acquirers (because it’s not dependent on you and the investor can see how the business could continue to scale and provide value).

Each of these are compelling reasons to build systems and processes in your business, and this training is vital for you and your key team members.

entrepreneurs need a manager that is a systems thinker - someone who can take on the project of Completing this online course and systematising, a part or all of the business.
imagine the growth - in the manager and the business!

Entrepreneurs are generally strong visionary leaders and strategic thinkers.  But for a business to grow beyond the start-up phase, systems are needed and processes require improvement. This is when the Systems Thinker is needed. 

 This online course is ideal for a key manager, who is a systems thinker by nature.  They complete the course and they liaise with the entrepreneur to comprehensively systematise the business.
A fantastic partnership is struck and the business grows to the next level and beyond – a better future for all.

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