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9 Impactful Workshops

In a fast-changing world, we know that we have to constantly learn. As individuals, we’re told we need to be lifelong learners to stay relevant. We know that delighting customers and winning in the market requires our teams to get better at learning faster in changing conditions.

Teams members may struggle to find ways to use new tools or achieve better outcomes. They may not even be fully aware of new approaches or new requirements.

Team members learning together is very powerful.

The workshops explained below, provides the key topics for growth and development.

8 workshops are delivered in-person at Curtin Nesuto – a fabulous learning environment with Curtin University campus.

One workshop – Systems Development and Process Improvement – is delivered entirely online.  There are 3 modules (full of short videos, articles and tools) for self-paced learning, followed by a virtual group session.

Energy + Mindset

Positive energy strengthens connections, increases productivity and generates openness to change. Change agents monitor their own energy levels and influence the energy of others in the team.

Mindset is our greatest asset, and a growth mindset is key to influencing and driving change.

Change agents embrace a growth mindset and influence others to embrace a growth mindset also.

Communication + Working Together

As we spend approximately 80% of our waking hours communicating, it has been said – “All life is a conversation”. 

If you reflect on any issue that caused stress or frustration in your business, or in life generally, a major root cause would be a miscommunication or the absence of the right conversation at the right time. Communicating ideas are critical to being an effective change agent.

Customer Experience + Innovation

Most people believe that they provide good customer service. 

However, research indicates a gap in all industries between what customers desire and what they experience when dealing with a supplier.  And when we talk of customers, we don’t just mean external customers. 

Looking after internal customers is key to providing an exceptional customer experience to the external customers.

Leadership + Change Management

Leadership is action not position. 

So, everyone can be a leader.  Implementing change needs effective leadership, and so change agents need to ponder:

1. What is leadership and what makes for a good leader? 

2. What is my primary leadership style and what other leadership styles could I adopt to make me a better leader?  Leadership drives culture which drives performance – change agents understand this.

Attracting and Maintaining Clients

Everyone in a business has a level of responsibility for attracting and maintaining clients – not just the sales representatives. 

In profiling the ideal client, and understanding the client journey, a business can more effectively attract and maintain clients.  

The principles, methodologies and tools for external clients can also be utilised to attract and maintain great staff – internal clients of the business.

Attracting and maintaining clients (external & internal) is a key skill.

Systems Development and Process Improvements

Businesses grow ahead of their business systems, which results in inconsistency in quality, time or cost.

Systems‘slippage’ causes customer disappointment, staff frustration, and loss of profits.  So, systematising the routine processes is key to providing a high level of consistency. 

However, once systematised the business needs to embrace process improvement to keep impressing clients and stay ahead of competitors.

Meetings and Financial Dashboards

For a business to maintain sustainable business growth effective, timely decision making is required by the leadership team.  

However, if the leadership team meetings are not effective, then misinformed/non-optimal decisions are sure to occur.

Running effective leadership team meetings requires principles, techniques, tools, and appropriate key performance indicators.

Driving High-Performing Teams

A company is only as good as its people.

Their skills, education, and knowledge are examples of how human capital contributes to a business’s success.


To maintain a competitive advantage in today’s unpredictable environment, understanding the value of your team is a must.



Adapting to a Sustainable Future

The rate of change is increasing – futurists claim that the world will experience more change in the next 15 years then in the past 150 years. 

Change Agents are not daunted by this rate of change – as change presents opportunity. 

So, a business with effective change agents that can adapt faster and more effectively than its competitors, can thrive in a period of rapid change.

Engine Room Business Innovation Programs

Only a thriving workforce can sustain a thriving business. And we know (thanks to the science) that a proactive approach vs a reactive mindset to development is how we perform at our best.

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