Unleashing potential in your teams and business starts with you.


How you lead makes the difference between a business that fears change and falls behind, and one that seizes the opportunity to thrive and grow. Do you really know what affects—and strengthens—your ability to lead effectively?

Designed from 25+ years of extensive experience and research.

Rich with key concepts, principles, methodologies, and tools that will take the business forward to a better future.

The different stages of growth of a business present new challenges (constraints / bottlenecks).  For a medium-sized business these can be: a lack of good business systems, ability to find and keep good staff, generating effective communication between regional offices/departments/teams … and the list goes on. 

Effective leaders work proactively and diligently to deal with the current challenges that are constraining / bottle-necking the business from continuing its growth. 

The Leadership Acceleration Program provides the knowledge, tools and support to clearly identify and eliminate what is currently constraining the business growth. 

The rate of change is accelerating. Futurists are predicting that we will experience more change in the next 15 years then we have in the past 150 years.

So, now to be a truly effective leader, one must also be a future-ready leader.  A leader that looks forward to emerging trends and proactively commits resources to meet future challenges and to prepare the business for future opportunities. They strive to place the business ‘ahead of the curve’.

With the accelerating pace of change, every business now needs effective future-ready leaders to predict, innovate, plan, and implement the changes that will allow the business to thrive now and in the future.

“The Change Leader program, combined with mentoring, provided me with the knowledge and insight of how to strategically apply new leadership styles and techniques that far exceeded my natural perception of what was possible.”

“Through the implementation of the program’s leadership concepts, principles, methodologies and tools, we have experienced significant growth. This has occurred whilst creating a very healthy team culture through core values such as praise, acknowledgement and empowerment, which is now spreading through all levels of the business.”

"Ultimately, the program has provided the leadership framework to successfully lead and grow a business along with the ability to coach and support others around me on their own leadership journeys; which will continue to promote further business, cultural and personal growth for many more people to benefit from."
Andre Meneghello
Director Meneghello Industrial Group

The Leadership Acceleration Program equips leaders to become Change Leaders — and, in turn equips the business as a whole, to overcome the current constraints and to become more ‘change-capable’ and ‘future-ready’. This is achieved by using five different teaching / coaching elements which collectively impacts the knowledge, mindset, and behaviours that amplifies participants ability to successfully drive change.

Resources via the LMS
Workshops (In-Person + Virtual)
Leadership Coaching

The program has a blend of five different teaching and coaching elements as follows.

Pre-Program Material – the learning can begin as soon as signup has occurred.  Using the Engine Room Learning Management Systems (LMS), a specific selection of resource material is available to start the learning journey.

CliftonStrength  – what better way to kick-start your learning journey than to understand your strengths?  A certified CliftonStrengths coach will ‘unpack’ your report to enable you to gain a deeper understanding of how to utilise your strengths and to guard against any blindspots. 

Kolbe A™ Personality Assessment  – Kolbe measures your instinctive way of doing things and the result is called your MO (method of operation). It is the only validated assessment that measures a person’s conative strengths. It provides a greater understanding of your own human nature and supports the process of maximising your potential.

Pre-Post Workshop Material – 60 to 90 mins.  Using the LMS , participants get ready for the impactful workshop learning, by priming the mind. Participants may also find the answers to some of the current challenges in the business via this informative resource material.  Following the workshop, participants use the LMS to extend on the workshop material to deepen the learning.er


5 Impactful Workshops – each month participants attend a classroom style workshop at the Curtin University Exchange Precinct – a space where rich knowledge is delivered and powerful discussions are facilitated between program participants. This is where the learning is accelerated leading to deep insights and paradigm shifts.  Workshops are 8.00am – 12.30pm followed by a scrumptious lunch.  

The workshop topics take participants on a learning journey – 1. Driving Positive Energy + Mindset, 2. Creating Vision + Action, 3. Executing System Improvements, 4. Leading a High-Performing Team, 5. Generating a Sustainable Future.

All sessions use state of the art technology that enables virtual attendance (if needed due to travel or health) and are recorded for repeat viewing and reflection. 

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Round Table Activity – following lunch, after each workshop, there is a 2.5 hour session in which participants are provided with a tool to use specifically on their business.

Too often business leaders are dawn into the ‘operational whirlwind’ and don’t have the time, energy or focus to think strategically to work ‘on’ the business.

So, after a stimulating morning – full of learning, reflection and discussion, it is time to apply the learning!  A tool associated with the morning topic becomes the focus. Participants focus on how they can use the tool to significantly improve their business … and how would they (as a Change Leader) do this effectively?

Everyone then makes a presentation to all participants – this is a powerful ‘practise session’ for how they would present the change initiative to their own staff in the weeks ahead.

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Reflection/Extension/Coaching Sessions – evenly spaced between each workshop is a 2 hour virtual session.  This session reflects and extends on the workshop topic, and then involves coaching on the application of the topic to the Business Improvement Plan.

The sessions are immersive and extremely productive – no travel time is required, just a quiet location with good internet.  All sessions are recorded for repeat viewing and reflection.

Topic titles – Time Management, Project Management, Change Management, Presentation Skills.

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Strategic Change Process – this is when the Strategic Plan is developed via a tried and proven process developed specifically for medium sized businesses. 

The process has five stages and each stage’s methodology is documented with associated tools for use for the participant’s specific business.

The whole Strategic Change Process is on the Learning Management System for easy access and use.  Following the SCP should deliver a return on investment (yes there is a tool to calculate this!) that will far exceed all of the direct and associated costs in undertaking the Change Leader program.

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Participants not only learn from the workshops, virtual sessions, online material, formulating and implementing the business improvement plan, and the coaching – they also get the support from other participants in the program.

By sharing their insights online and in the group discussions, they learn how to navigate themselves around challenging issues.

All participants want to learn and by generously sharing ideas and their industry knowledge – everyone gets a real in-depth experience whilst on the program.

It is not often that industries come together to talk about current and real issues in business. 

Growing a business can be exciting and rewarding for entrepreneurial minded people.  However, it can also be very challenging, stressful and exhausting. 

What can be most exhausting is feeling alone – no-one to discuss the issues with who ‘gets it’, and also not being able to see alternatives that will give you hope that the future will be better.

The program provides you with the material, resources and connections that provides a stimulating and energising environment – one that may be long overdue?

You can take many years to learn what Engine Room has gathered over 25+ years … or accelerate your learning over 9+ months by completing the Leadership Acceleration Program.

By registering now, participants receive the Pre-Program Material.

This allows you ample time to invest in the learning before the program starts (which can lead to breakthroughs that are needed now). By beginning the learning early also allows time to develop the ‘learning habit’ – which will place you in a fantastic position for when the program begins in March 2023.

Step 1: Register your yourself or team member on the program. (click button below)

Step 2: Start the Pre-Program material – which has over 20 resources (videos, articles, ebooks, and more). 

Step 3: Think ahead and ensure you plan for 2024 so you can start the program with energy and motivation, and dedicate the time and focus to maximise the learning. 

Step 4: Organise a time and day with Engine Room to complete the Pre-Program Leadership Assessment and Coaching Session

Step 5: Start contemplating the future direction of the business, and how your business could have a 10X growth over the next few years. 

Invest in your your greatest business asset – you!

Exclusive Offer

Why?  Research and 25+ years of mentoring and business coaching experience provides clear evidence that mentoring is far more effective when combined with a structured learning program.  1 + 1 = 3

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Leadership By Action


Applying the concepts, principles, methods and tools from the program can be exciting and challenging.

With over 25+ experience as a mentor and business coach, Glenn Taylor can complement the Leadership Acceleration Program with mentoring between each session to apply the learning to your specific business environment.

The mentoring process is powerful when there is good structure (e.g. set meeting times, set goals, and focus to achieve results).

When commitment is made to the mentoring process, the payback will always far exceed the investment in time and money.

Within the structured framework, the process is designed during the first session to suit the nature of the person and their goals.

Want more information concerning mentoring?  

Contact Engine Room Business Innovation to discuss.

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