Engine Room Business Innovation unlocks the potential in people and businesses.

We provide the training and coaching to develop the knowledge, skills and mindset needed for superior results.

Businesses that learn fastest and adapt well to changing environments perform the best over time.

Today's Leadership Challenges

Engine Room Business Innovation

Engine Room's Leadership Accelerator Portfolio is a suite of structured and result focused programs for today's leadership challenges. They enable our clients to move fast to develop the capabilities of leaders and high potential employees across the whole business. Our solutions are available in the traditional classroom style, virtual classroom and online learning platform.

Our solutions fit into three key areas: Leadership, Accelerating Change and Continuous Learning


For a business to thrive in challenging times it is vital for business leaders to invest in themselves.

Two Programs for Business Leaders

Leadership Acceleration Program 

Business Essentials Program 

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Accelerating Change

For a business to navigate in a fast changing world,  the business needs to develop change agents.

Two Programs for Change Agents

Manager Acceleration Program

Coaching Program

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Continuous Learning

For a business to remain flexible and agile its staff need to continue to learn and grow.

Accelerate Your Learning

On Demand | In-House Workshops

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Engine Room Business Innovation

We design and deliver transformational training and coaching programs for business owners and their teams.

Engine Room Business Innovation supports businesses to overcome the blockages/constraints that impede business growth.

We have supported hundreds of business owners and managers to overcome the barriers to achieve their goals.

Change Leadership

Facilitators and Coaches

Glenn Taylor

Ex Airforce Engineer and Pilot. Worked as a Change Facilitator on restructuring several areas of the Royal Australian Air Force – he was involved in the Commercial Support Program from the start. Glenn has 20 + years experience working with business owners and managers at Curtin Centre for Entrepreneurship. He developed the financial dashboards for business owners so they could have a visual ‘helicopter view’ on what key areas they needed to focus on. Glenn’s worked with over 1500 business leaders on all areas of the business’s operations. The workshops he has delivered over 15 years include Systems Development and Process Improvements | People Management and Financial Dashboards.


Michelle Chafin

Marketing and Sales experience with large organisations and medium sized businesses. Michelle has a degree in Marketing and Management and a passion and creative flare for identifying innovative ways of attracting clients to further a business’s growth. She brings energy to program design and delivery, and her coaching style teaches businesses and their leadership team, how to build powerful relationships, that will attract the ideal clients (internal and external). Michelle is a visionary leader and introduces businesses to new technology to develop their team. Michelle also brings a wealth of knowledge  in Marketing Communications (using social media and other mediums).

Are Your Ready To... Accelerate Your Learning

Adapt new ways of thinking about work.

Learn how to do work in different ways.

Ability to deal with fast-pace change.

Make decisive decisions.

Be a Better Leader

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Manager Acceleration Program

Business Essentials Program

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