Appreciation – Inspire Your Team Do you struggle to keep your employees engaged and happy at work? You’re not alone. However, employee appreciation is the secret sauce to a thriving company that many leaders overlook. Not only does it increase employee job satisfaction, but it also has a profound impact on the entire organisation. Studies […]

I’m Too Busy


I’m Too Busy Have you recently told someone “sorry I am/was too busy”? How did it feel – maybe a little uncomfortable? Is this because your unconscious mind knows that it really isn’t a strong reason, but a weak excuse? We know (consciously or unconsciously) that we all have 168 hours each week – regardless […]

Learning in the Digital Age

Change Leaders

Change “The rate of change is accelerating. We are going to see more change in the next 15 years than in the past 150 years.” I stated this at our first Breakfast Series event in 2018. Since then, we have experienced pandemics, heatwaves, fires, floods, wars, supply chain disruption, inflation and much more.  It seems […]