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Developing Future Leaders

Where is your organisation on its Leadership Journey

The world has changed. People are struggling to cope with the level of disruption and uncertainty we face every day. And more change is likely to come. We need leaders who can bring us out the other side. Not just so we survive, but so we thrive.

We need leaders we can trust, who genuinely care and connect with us. Who listen, learn and lead with honesty and authenticity. Leaders who can tap into the power of all. Empower the collective genius we need to succeed.

Today’s leaders will help us live better. Work better. Feel stronger. Be kinder. No matter what background we come from.

Do you need to develop the leaders we need now. Inclusive leaders, from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Game-changers. Supporters. Disruptors. Rebuilders.

01 Accelerate

Drive measurable results at an accelerated rate. 

02 Collaborate

Establish a common language and goal that everyone in the team can work on. 

03 Deliver

Produce an actionable initiatives to inspire the team to continually work on being a high performing team now and in the future. 

New Skills
  • When it’s not practical to be together in one location
  • Only a few stakeholders need to be involved
  • Your team would like to collaborate from anywhere
  • You can bring your team together in one location
  • A larger group of stakeholders needs to be involved
  • Your team would best collaborate in person
Growth Mindset

Skills-set What skills does your business need now and in the future

Developing your team to be their best selves

Our most popular workshops

Energy + Mindset

Positive energy strengthens connections, increases productivity and generates openness to change. Change agents monitor their own energy levels and influence the energy of others in the team.

Mindset is our greatest asset, and a growth mindset is key to influencing and driving change.

Change agents embrace a growth mindset and influence others to embrace a growth mindset also.



As we spend approximately 80% of our waking hours communicating, it has been said – “All life is a conversation”. 

If you reflect on any issue that caused stress or frustration in your business, or in life generally, a major root cause would be a miscommunication or the absence of the right conversation at the right time. Communicating ideas are critical to being an effective change agent.



Driving High-Performing Teams

A company is only as good as its people.

Their skills, education, and knowledge are examples of how human capital contributes to a business’s success.


To maintain a competitive advantage in today’s unpredictable environment, understanding the value of your team is a must.


What benefits do our workshops offer?

Invest in workshops that provide focus and clarity for everyone in the company. 

Use our proven change leadership methodologies to get your team working a high-performing team, and break down any silos.


Get the results you need

What skills-set does your company need now and in the future? 

Have you completed a skills audit to get the people you need for a better future?

Accelerate the learning in your company

Whether you’re looking to accelerate the learning in the company, implement or improve the energy and culture Engine Room Business Innovation offers workshop experiences to help you achieve a specific goal.

Continuous Improvements

Get the results you need

What skills-set does your company need now and in the future? 

Have you completed a skills audit to get the people you need for a better future?

Benefit From an Intense, Collaborative Experience

Workshop materials that have been built on industry best practices.

Work with highly rated facilitators with practical and strategic experience.

Engage your leadership team through team participation, healthy debate, and decision making.

Extend your team by drawing on our wide range of specialties.

Enjoy High Value With Standard, No-Hassle Pricing

No-hassle pricing and scoping, always a flat rate across all workshops.

Gain and share expertise over a variety of short, focused engagements, instead of one longer-term consulting project.

High-value engagements not long runaway consulting projects.

Fostering a culture of continuous learning

Stress on the Importance of Learning Learning is a priority if you want to have a high-performing team

Fostering a culture of continuous learning to navigate the issues of skill gaps and different digital transformations is essential to build a high-performance team. Technology, especially emerging technologies, are always changing. As a result, corporates are stressing on the importance of their teams’ ability to learn fast and regularly skill up. Although a significant amount of learning takes place between team members, upgrading a team’s ability through documentation tools and training is equally essential in building a high-performance team.

Learning is becoming a priority in enterprises, many of whom are turning to online learning platforms to provide their employees with corporate training in emerging technologies. These online training platforms provide industry-recognised and certified courses on the current and relevant topics that help experienced employees to skill-up and new hires to ramp up faster. 

Our Blended Learning suits all Learning Styles

Customers reviews

What our clients are saying

"We asked Engine Room Business Innovation to run their Energy workshop for the Techworks leadership team. We were all a buzz after the workshop - it truly opened up our minds to the power of in-house training. We were so impressed, we asked Engine Room to run four more workshops - Communication, Exceptional Customer Service, Teamwork and Leadership. I strongly recommend to any business to undertake an Engine Room Business Innovation program, if you want to equip your leadership group with the knowledge and tools to be a high performing team." Matthew Goundrey
Matthew Goundrey
Techworks Group - Director
"The workshops were really powerful in teaching the leadership team key concepts, principles and methodologies. It has brought focus onto the opportunities we have for management team to grow and improve. The coaching projects challenged us and shone a light on many growth opportunities"
Chad Hood
Daltech - Director

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Only a thriving workforce can sustain a thriving business. And we know (thanks to the science) that a proactive approach vs a reactive mindset to development is how we perform at our best.

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